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About us

ACE Capital was created as a tech focused venture capital firm,
headquartered in Taiwan,
primarily focused on investments into seed and early stage companies, mostly in North and South East Asia.

Our investment decisions is centered around the 3 key importances: the timing of the startup’s product and services,
the founders and core team,
and the total addressable market of the business.

Ready To Climb That Mountain?

Ultimately, when we invest, we invest in People.
People with integrity, People with the ability to self reflect on the wins and most importantly, the misses. Embrace the setbacks and lead the charge again.
Looking for unique founders to build teams with grit,
to inspire teammates to support each other,
to roll up their sleeves to problem-solve and bring value to others.

Our Portfolio


Every founder is unique and so are the people in our small but nimble team.
We are humbled to be given an opportunity to walk together with the startups on their journey of growth.
Our investment team has diverse backgrounds with diverse viewpoints.
However, our aim is to back tenacious entrepreneurs, and to be aligned with them in common goals.
We value synergy and are excited to learn from the companies, just as they learn from our experiences and gain support from our resources.

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